Friday, July 22, 2011

It's A Girl!

From the moment she was born, our granddaughter Rissa has brought so much joy and love into our lives...  

and today she stopped by the office with good news.  

Her, her Mommy and her Daddy had just come 
from the hospital.

This is Rissa's baby sister...

I'm not sure if she would have been so quick to pull the pictures out and show me had the results been different.  

You see, Rissa's motto is, 'Girls Rule, Boys Drool'... 

 and the only boy she'll tolerate is her cousin Jake.  

So come December, Grammy and Pop-Pop will have a new bundle of love to start spoiling all over again. 

Dear Diary,

There's talk of another baby.  I think Mom and Dad are getting me a puppy.  I'm probably not supposed to know, so I'll act surprised.  Let's see...  let me practice..  'oh my!  what do you know about that!!?  A Puppy!  Can I keep him?'  ahem  Ok, let's try this again.  'Mom! Dad!  You're the best!!  Does he come with toys?'  I'll keep working on it.  In the meantime...  I have to try and stay bug free or they might change their minds.  Gracie.