Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beautiful Fall! Samson Can See!!

Why is there a weird looking 'criminal records' ad at the bottom of my blog?  How did it get there?  I did not put it there.  ??

Anyone else have something like that happen to their blog?

I get a lot of anonymous junk-stuff on my email through blogger.  Spam, I suppose.  Do you have that a lot?

Just wondering.  

We have been having some beautiful fall weather here.  

And the kids are getting their fill!

Dear Diary,
I have been saying my prayers lately and asking God to make my boyfriend Samson to be able to see again.  And now he can! Thank you God!  
Now, The Nag Mom says I need to be groomed on Tuesday because I stink and I am hard to keep clean with this mop.  I wonder about her mop and when she plans on getting  groomed.  
I hope after my grooming that Samson can SEE me and I will look beautiful for him.  Gracie.