Sunday, January 20, 2013


Day Trip!

Destination:  Frederick, Maryland

Purpose:  Shopping and a Movie

Mission:  Accomplished

Gary enjoys a (rare) good (Crohn's) day!


You know...

What it's like when you go through a dry period...

Where you've cried about as many tears as you think you will ever cry in your life!

You feel jaded as a result of so much sadness in your life and in the world.  You don't think one more thing will stir an emotion in you that will bring you to tears...

And then...

A tsunami of tears...

The tsunami of 2004 in Thailand and how it affected 1 family.

The following is a trailer for the movie THE IMPOSSIBLE.  I tell you, you could have heard a pin drop at the end of this movie!  Most were sitting in their seats sobbing, not making a move to leave the theater, including me.

A True Story.

Watch the trailer and if at all possible, see the movie.  It was not playing in our area so we drove to Frederick, Maryland to see it.  It will make you think.  About life and humanity in general.

Dear Diary,

Yesterday Mom and Dad were gone all day.  I missed them.  Gracie.