Monday, March 8, 2021

Facebook Post

Sharing my Facebook post for today:

"Wait! That's my dog!" That is what I wanted to say to the girl who stood 6ft. in front of me, paid the groomer through the window, then claimed the dog that was brought out to her. She and "Gracie" quickly bounced to her SUV which was parked at the curb just yards away. "Gracie" was wearing a green bandana and she glanced back at me and smiled. I looked at the Strawberry Dog girl behind the glass, then I looked at the lady who was stealing my dog while she hurriedly hoisted my dog up into her vehicle. Meanwhile, Gary gets out of our car, ready to rumble, for he saw the dog thief as well, trying to make off with our dog. After a brief conversation with Gracie's kidnapper, we came to find out this was just Gracie's 8 yr. old doppelganger.
girl, you are looking good at 16 if an 8-year old can pass for you. Whew! We got our dog, by the way... they brought her out about 5 minutes later... and she smells good.