Saturday, February 5, 2011


One of the nicest Mother's Day memories I have was when Gary took me and my kids (minus #1 son) out to Penn Alps for brunch after church.  It was a beautiful sunny day and after the fabulous meal we browsed some of the shops and enjoyed our time together.  Above is Me, Justin and Lindsey.

(Above) Me and Gary on our wedding day.  We were taking a break from the reception chaos.

 Wedding dress @ $9.99 at Kaufman's Clearance Sale.

There's my Mom and Dad (above). 
 I sure do miss them.

Above is a picture of me with some of my siblings and a couple of friends.  Oh gosh...  If I were getting graded on Geek-iness I'd get an A+

And there I am with my brother Jimmy and my sister Rita.  Gosh, my legs were even fat then.  LOL>  

Just a bunch of randomness.

That's all I have for tonight.


3:30 AM.  It's not that I've had all that much sleep the past 2 weeks.  It's hard to sleep.  There's no comfortable position.  Yet I've been supposed to stay in bed.  Maybe that's why I can't sleep.  2 weeks in bed > but not sleeping? Last night was very little sleep.  Tonight...  an hour, then I was awake.  Can't get comfortable.  Ugh.  I don't usually take anything, but I thought I might as well take some tylenol for my aching body.  I'm waiting for it to kick in.  
Insomnia.  It's something that's treated nowadays with medications.  But I so-don't-like to take anything.  I guess if it got too bad I would.  I feel for those who have Insomnia for very long periods of time.  
Did I mention I've had a sore throat
 for the last few days?  
On Monday I return to work.  Another Ugh.  
I'm going to go count sheep now.