Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three Changes

I am due for some changes.

For the good, of course!

First off...  I must get my clothes closet in order.  I have way too many clothes and it is time to purge!  This is difficult.  I am torn.  It would be much easier if my clothes were torn.  But most are like new.   I will be victorious, really I will.  I live in an older house with very little closet space but I buy clothes like I have a walk-in closet.  I wish.  

Secondly.  To dye my hair or not dye my hair?  I have been going lighter hoping that the grey would blend in with the color and then I can quit dying.  Truth= not ready for that yet.  Darker shade, in the near future.  

Thirdly.  Weighing my options.  Should I live to eat or eat to live?  This weight thing is a real troublesome thing for me these days.  I will be sixty next year and I do not want to go down the path of my parents, having health problems and living a shorter life.   So here's to losing weight and being healthier.  

There they are.  Three changes that will be taking place in the next couple of months.  

Notice I said 'will take place'.  That leaves no room for compromise.  

Stay tuned.  

*Yawn*  Heard that speech before.