Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Poor Gracie

Gracie's lumps and bumps are multiplying and becoming bigger.  I had her to the vet and he said it is nothing to worry about, older dogs get these.

What I am concerned about though, is this:  Randomly, she is peeing in the house.  This, a sign that she may have stones in her bladder again, which would mean surgery.

Please pray for my girl Gracie.  I can tell she is uncomfortable.  I am getting ready to take her to see the vet now.


Dear Diary,

Day before yesterday, I peed on the floor right in front of Mom.  At first she yelled at me but then she held me close to her face and acted like it was a good thing that I peed on the floor.  Last night, I peed on the floor again.  She didn't yell at me this time.  Just hugged me.  She says I'm going back to see Dr. Fox today.  She told me I need to get better by Halloween...  she said she has plans for me.  This cannot be good.  Gracie.