Saturday, October 5, 2013

Springs Festival 2013

It was a beautiful day at the Springs Festival in Springs, PA.

We went early so we could stop at yard sales on the way home.

And, to beat the heat!

This is supposed to be a "fall" festival but it was 
well into the 80's.  

These little guys (above) made it possible to get the grand-girls some really soft, cuddly bears for a Christmas gift.

Note:  After doing some research (after I had purchased the bears) I found that in order to make the bears below, the alpaca had to be deceased.  ***SAD FACE!!!***  But I also learned that the alpaca is a very valuable animal and it is against the law to kill them.  So their pelts are used after they have died from natural causes....   But still.  This makes me sad.  I was under the impression that they were shorn and their fur was used to make the bears.   I would love to own an alpaca.  They are sweet, wonderful animals.  But I have no desire to own one's fur who has died :-(

In honor of our friends...  the beautiful alpaca's.  

Homemade bread, apple butter, maple sugar candy...  all kinds of goodies.  

A nice day!