Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Addiction

These days I’m totally addicted to the wildflowers that are sprouting up from spring’s seed dispersal earlier this year.  Every morning before heading out for work, Gracie and I take a walk around the house to see what’s new.  

I’ve never had a green thumb.  Plants and flowers are respectfully short-lived in my care.  

This one was particularly interesting at this stage and miraculously would turn to face the sun. *Gasp* Hence the name Sunflower, I suppose.  

It’s all been a learning experience for me.

I remember an African violet my mom nurtured for many years that I inherited when she died.  It was the most beautiful one I’d ever seen.  Three days after I owned it the thing started looking wilted, and then it began losing flowers and leaves.   A month later I'm certain mom rolled over in her grave as her labor of love met with empty Campbell soup cans and potato peels at the bottom of the garbage bag.

Wildflowers need little human care once planted.  God takes care of the rest.  Aren’t they beautiful?