Monday, April 22, 2019


I cannot begin to imagine God's pain to watch His Son suffer on the cross and then die.  I understand that He knew He'd be in heaven with him once he had breathed his last earthly breath.  But still.  It hurts to watch those you love suffer.  

Yesterday we rejoiced in the fact that Jesus had risen and because of that (though we may see a lot of pain and suffering in our families today) we will share a perfect life with those we love and who share our love for God  - one day in Paradise.

I don't know about you, but after being beaten down by this fallen world of deception, and bad news, I am so looking forward to that day!!!!

Yesterday was filled with chaos, hope, fun, beauty, good food, surprises, and lots and lots of love.

These kids!!!  Be still my heart!!

I hope they always hold these special memories in their hearts....

Dear Diary,

I went on an Easter egg hunt and found an egg with beef jerky inside.  Dad had to help me open it.  I tried for the chocolate filled eggs but Mom the nag hollered GRACIE NO!  She is such a killjoy.  Gracie

I hope everyone had a fun filled, lovely, BLESSED Easter!