Wednesday, March 13, 2019


I keep coming back and trying to fix my blogger problems because I miss this group of friends and blogs etc.  But try as I will,  there are still some blogs that I am unable to leave comments on.  It is frustrating to say the least.  I know Google + is supposed to be shutting down.  I am not sure if that has anything to do with anything at all?  *sigh*

But I am at least going to attempt to blog again and read blogs, even if they won't let me comment.  I do miss blogging here.  I have come to 'know' so many wonderful people.

Sharon made me laugh and gave me plenty to think about.  She no longer blogs, and it has left an empty space, but still...  I loved reading what she'd write and in my imaginative mind I had visions of stopping by her place one day and sharing funny stories, while eating a slice of cake and sipping on tea.

Theresa is a beautiful soul who shares a lot of family times.  She's one of those people you just can't help but love and she always has a hug for you!

Ginny is one of a kind.  A heart of gold, and a really nice husband too (The only blogger I've ever met in person!)  (yes, she was just as awesome as her blog!)  She loves God and is not afraid to show it.  She is an interesting one - always on the go and always looking for something unique to snap a picture of.  Oh, and one more thing about Ginny - her full moon photos are gorgeous!

Inger.  She lives in California - Desert Canyon - and now has 2 dogs, Faith and Samson (Gracie's boyfriend).  She is a lovely, strong woman whom I have watched go through various trials from losing her husband to losing pets.  She fights health issues but always remains strong.  I admire her strength and courage so much!  She lives with her 2 dogs in the canyon and takes the most beautiful pictures!  Her cyber-friendship is so sweet and I am thankful to 'know' such a strong and courageous woman!  (Wish blogger would let me comment on her posts... but it won't)

Ruby the dog.  What a sweetheart!  First was Pip - whom I loved as well and still have his book.  It hurt me to my core whenever he went to the rainbow bridge.  That's the thing...  see, we get to know and love our cyber friends from the inside out.  Now that's special.  Love you, Ruby and your assistant too!

I really miss Puddles.  That dog made me laugh till I cried!  Years later I found good ol' Puddles on Instagram.  But still.  Miss her blogs.

Jim, Ron, and Sophie Doodle.  I don't think I can say I've ever met kinder people.  Always something nice to say.  Their parents must have told them if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.  I used to think it would be nice for my husband and I to go on a cruise and stop by up there in Canada to meet these celebrities.  I would be star struck.. and they'd show us some really nice places to eat.  haha.   That is what blogger friends feel like to me, 'celebrities'.  And they are, in my book.

Kim rescues mostly golden retrievers but other animals as well.  Word that comes to mind = Angel.  She is an angel to these animals and I don't know how she does it...  she is gifted, indeed. Another celebrity that I dreamed of meeting one day.

Betty's blog is always an interesting read.  The way she brings her experiences to life on blog posts keeps me wanting to know more.  I have followed her for a long while and I was heartbroken right along with her when she lost her Corgi.  She moved to Arizona after that and she has a beautiful pool that I covet (sorry...  lol)  (but I love it)  and well.... ya just have to love her blog.

Madie went to the rainbow bridge last year and it made me really sad.  She was a diva and a sassy sweet kitty at times.  Her photos and charm and her ability to make you feel loved was and still is amazing!

Tereterre (hope I spelled that right) shares a variety of interesting subjects and photos.  A wonderful lady!  A great blog!

There are bloggers who seem to have disappeared, sadly and I do not know where to find them.  Then, there are ones who do not post as much.

Life is busy, that is for sure.  I found myself posting less and less....  but then when I went back to look at my blog I remembered how very important that it was to me at one time and I thought... wait...  I want that back.

Along with meeting some pretty awesome people, blogging gives us purpose.  A simple unique photo of a flower along our way in life can be transformed into an interesting blog post and some kind words from a friend.

I am sure I have forgotten to mention some of my favorites (bloggers) but please know - that you are all so special each in your own way.

What I have concluded more than all else is that bloggers are deep thinkers and extremely caring individuals.  There is nothing fake or phony about them.  What you see is what you get.  Sometimes there are disagreements here and there, but all will concur I believe - that the love remains and that we are family!