Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Diary, It won't happen again on my watch.

Dear Diary,

Words and phrases that make me pace and whine:

1.  Walk
2.  Tennis Courts  (it's where I'm set free to run).
3.  Does Gracie want...
4.  Dairy Queen
5.  Vacation  (this can only mean one thing).
6.  Kennel  

No worries.  I love the kennel.  The smells are phenomenal and I get to perform in front of a live web cam.   All I ask is that the mom and dad stay with me there.  But no.  Instead they go on vacation and do who knows what without me!  You can imagine my anxiety when they left me there and were talking to me outside of the fence.  My heart dropped!

I'm home now... but I have a watchful eye for anything that looks suspicious... like: suitcases, happy faces, googling directions and most importantly, kissing up to the dog.  Let them try to pull that one again.  Hmph...   Gracie