Monday, January 20, 2020


Things my parents taught me.

1.  Being glamorous has nothing to do with your outside appearance.  It's inside.  And regardless of your size, shape and appearance and how rich or poor you might be...  you can glow!  Just smile and say, "Life is good!"  

2.  You can make hand-me-downs rock!!  You don't need money to look your best.  You only need a positive attitude and self-worth.  

3. Never lie, steal or cheat.  Doing these things will bring down your self-worth... so always be honest  and of good moral character.  It makes looking in the mirror so much easier.

4.  Always own your mistakes.  Another self-esteem builder.

5.  Work hard and appreciate the life you build.

6.  Be kind to others.  That means, all others.  

7.  Give, unconditionally when you are able.

8.  Be faithful.

9.  Love and fear God.  Trust in Him to sort through life's unpleasantries and bring you to a better place.

10.  Enjoy Life and Laugh often!