Monday, March 26, 2012

Flowers and Spring and Dogs that look Cute

When we first met online in February of 2001, Gary and I got to know each other pretty well through the internet 
and phone conversations.

 One thing that he learned about me was that spring was my favorite time of year and that spring and flowers just kind of go together.

 We were back and forth a bit about whether they actually appear on the first day of spring...  I said of course they do!  (and yes, I do believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy & fairy tales).

 Our love was new then, so he didn't argue with me.

 On March 20, 2001,  I received a box in the mail from Flowerland. It was filled with colorful, gorgeous flowers along with a note... 'Bobbi, you were right.  Flowers do arrive on the first day of spring'.  

I know.  Too sweet, huh?

We were at the grocery store the other day and I was eyeballing the most beautiful flower arrangement there...  and said a quick 'I love those!' in passing...

I guess my hubby does still pay attention to me...

 A few days later, here they are!

 Thank you Gary.  I love you.

Dear Diary,

Seriously, I don't know what all the fuss was about.  Mom is as goofy as can be.  'look at gracie!  look how cute! She looks like she's posing' then it's - grab the camera and see if I can't interrupt her sleep.  The woman needs to get a life! Gracie.

The Rambling of a Sleep Deprived Individual

Everyone is enjoying the first of Spring I suppose?  I love the warmer temperatures.   We didn't have much of a winter.  A few snow flakes and cold.

I sent for some wildflowers and a strawberry bush.  I don't do well with plants or flowers, but planting wildflowers is like boiling water.  How can I fail.  Right?  

Gary is waiting for his cherry trees to arrive.  After seeing The Lorax he promised Rissi that they'd plant some trees together and so...  that will be this week hopefully.  

I've been painting, cleaning, and organizing around the house.  I thought of a yard sale for my overflow of 'stuff' but then I thought...  Naaaaah!  Salvation Army or Goodwill sounds easier and better.  

The raisins and gin have not helped my hands at all.  I'll try eating a few more each day until they're gone.  I'm not likely to buy more then.  Some people swear by it...  It just isn't working for me.

My hands really hurt and typing stiffens them and just makes it worse.  I love to write though, so I'll continue until I can't.  I love reading all of your blogs, but I don't always comment...  I hope you understand.  It's not because I don't love reading what you have to say.  

Last night -   I didn't sleep, not at all.  Ugh!  
I hate it when that happens.  

Well, it's Monday; the start of a brand spanking new week.  Does anyone else have any complaints/health issues/gripes/or happy thoughts they'd like to share?

Ok then.  Let's get busy.  
If you have to go to work, have a good work week.  
If you're retired,  do something fun and enjoy!!  

Every day is one more opportunity to make a difference.