Friday, October 19, 2012

Pillow Talk

I have a Question.

Do we have too many choices?

For example...  our Dish TV offers more channels than we would ever have time to watch.  We stick with about half a dozen and the rest go to waste.  I don't watch much TV at all because I would be hard pressed to make a choice and I wouldn't know where to go with it!  Too many choices!

Another thing.  Diapers.  Going to the store to get diapers for the grand baby gives me stress.  I will stand in front of an entire wall filled with different brands, different sizes, different levels of dryness and comfort, night-time, day-time, pull ups, fresh scent,  blah-blah-blah.   First I feel faint.  Then I begin to sweat.  A lot.  What to do!!!  WAY TOO MANY CHOICES!


Tonight I was faced with yet another anxiety filled decision.  In shopping for a new pillow at the Bon-Ton I was blown away by the CHOICES.  There is down.  Down alternative.  Feather. Foam. Memory foam. But those choices aren't what brought on my anxiety. No, no...  It was when I had to chose between:

** For those who sleep on their back
** For those who sleep on their side
** For those who sleep on their stomach

WHAT?  I sleep on my back, my side and my stomach.  So now what?

Needless to say, I came home without a pillow.   I am in need of a pillow consultant I suppose.

When did life get so complicated?