Saturday, November 14, 2020

~Meet Mandy Baxter~

We were sitting on the back porch discussing plans to save the world (haha) when Gary asks, "What's that?"

"What?" I replied.

"That.  It sounds like a cat."

"It's probably one of the birds feeding at the bird feeder."  I was sure.  Gary was not convinced.

"It's a cat," he said.

"No way."  The privacy fence would keep uninvited guests at bay.  Yea, right.

So I began to survey our yard carefully, looking for signs, and there she was, hiding beneath the lawn mower cover.  Meow.  Meow.  Meow.  I hurried Gracie inside, so she wouldn't scare kitty away.  

Kitty was apprehensive, but quite hungry.  A packet of tuna helped build trust and before we knew it, she was an overnight guest staying in husband's shed.

Allowing Gracie to smell her was met with strong disapproval from the sweet thing and she hissed and growled, ready to spring on the dog who just wanted to love her.  Minus Gracie, she was the sweetest, most loving little thing you would ever want to meet.  She purred and played and snuggled with us for the remainder of the night.

I tried frantically to find her a home, but with no success.  So we did what we had to do.

During her ride to the shelter I sensed her loving, playful eyes now throwing daggers.  She had been betrayed. 

I couldn't sleep.  Those eyes kept staring back at me and I was certain God had sent her into our yard for a purpose.  But why?

A week later we piled into the car, my sister, my daughter, my granddaughters, and myself...  we were going in for the rescue!!  

Meet Mandy Baxter.  

Princess of her domain.