Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eight years already...?! Click here to view past memories..

Once upon a time...  

We met online.  

I wasn't looking for a husband you know...

But I couldn't help but send you a friendly hello...  

It seemed you liked my face as well,

That first night we met... I could tell.

  My friends came along in case you were a night-stalker.

But it turned out you were not, but a very good talker!

You had me from Hello... and we went on to have fun,

I knew in my heart that you were the one. 

You made me laugh with each comment said,

A year and a half later we decided to wed... 

We'd both been married and divorced; an endeavor.  
We'd learned a lot; this time it would last forever...

Your father cried;  He was happy, you know.
So sad was the day when you had to let him go.

A beautiful day.  A beautiful life.
Oh how I love being your wife.

Our children came together when their blessings they gave,
More tragedy later...  when your youngest you could not save. 

We soon had a baby of our own  to share,
She tried our patience, hiding puddles under the chair.

Our honeymoon chalet & yearly retreat's peace did amaze,
Always reviving our spirits through life's darkest days.

On this 14th day of September, let me just take this time.
 "Thanks God, for Gary... and for making him mine."

Happy 8th Anniversary to my wonderful husband.  Gary, I love you and will forever be saddened by the events in your life that led up to your sickness, hopelessness and pain.

It's been with much inspiration and heartache that I've completed the book that you are so proud of to this day.  Thank you for the continued encouragement and praise.  I don't deserve it.  God has put this book on my heart and it will be finished soon, and dedicated to you...  the man God put into my life...  the man who has brought baggage on board that is sometimes way too heavy for even me...  the man with a wonderful heart whom I'll always love.

Happy Anniversary my love!