Monday, October 29, 2012


Below:  Action shot.  

Me:  "Doggie!"

Gracie:  "Where?"

She's so funny.  We get her every time.  Say "Doggie" and she's ready to rumble!

Guess what?  I got finished my galley edits for this round a week early, so now I just have to wait for the second edit. 

 This. Is. Work.



Okay, now that I've said it I feel better.  

The truth is I don't really hate it.  But it seems pretty boring to me especially after going over it a dozen times.

Last night we had some Trick or Treat fun...

And now I'm remembering a month earlier when we enjoyed the beautiful beach wedding of my stepdaughter Stacy and her now hubby Vinny near Ocean City NJ... 

And then we toured the new casino in Atlantic City...  (below)

It's not looking good for this place right now and I am

 praying for 

Stacy and Vinny who live not real far inland...


Gary's son Jason who lives in Hoboken, close to NY.


For everyone in Sandy's path...  far and wide...  

Be Safe!!

Dear Diary,

Mom is all happy cause she found me a new groomer.  One closer to home.  It seems every groomer I ever get ends up 'retiring from grooming'.  Mom thinks I may have something to do with that but I respectfully disagree with her conclusion on that subject.  I've only ever made one groomer bleed and she said it was no big deal.  
So anyways...  the place is called Strut Your Mutt and the guys name is Kevin.  Hey...  believe it or not, I like the guy.  And Mom said it was one of the best cuts I've ever had. 
 But.  She keeps smelling me and cuddling with me and she is so very clingy!!!  I would like to know where Ms. CarrieAnne from Golden Pines found that neat stuff to roll around in.  It would help me with this Clingy-Mom thing I have going on here.  Gracie.