Monday, May 6, 2019


Sometimes life can really beat you up.  The more you try to do things the right way, the more frustrated you get when all around you falls apart.

Okay, let's put things in the first person now.  What has been happening with me lately that has me in a frazzle, you ask?

Well, first and foremost is TAXES!  I was dumbfounded to have my business license renewal form come back stamped 'forfeited Oct 2018'.  Seems my simple assessment taxes were not filed in 2017 but were filed in 2018 ... so  really?  SERIOUSLY?

I have always had total faith in my tax guy - but when he refused to return my calls or emails when I reached out for HELP and REASON as to why he hadn't filed this when he was supposed to have filed it - I lost that faith.  All I needed was "I'm working on it," or "I'm sorry - we will get this taken care of" but nah, nothing.  I talked to his wife 2X and his secretary 2X and was promised a phone conference with him on Wednesday of last week but...  NOTHING.  (oh, and as a side note:  shortly after I sent him an email titled:  I will no longer need your services - He writes back - making it sound like I was impatient.  what?!  Very disappointed in him).

So on Friday I met with a new CPA and we spent a couple of hours filing what we needed to file and talking about what needed to be done next in order to get my business license reinstated etc.  Oh, the red tape!!!  Today it was here and there and everywhere trying to get answers and the correct thing to do.   One person says one thing, another says just the opposite ...  and it seems nobody really knows what the correct steps are.

I will do my best to follow the procedure that I at this time understand to be the correct one, and I will write out some more checks.  Then I will cross my fingers and hope for the best, because that is where I am with this mess.


All other irritations are secondary to this one at this point so I will stop there.  It's no wonder I escape to camp and nature and serenity each chance I get.

*Getting *Too *Old *For *This *Aggrevation  !!!!