Thursday, April 12, 2012

JJ - Here We Come!

Yea.  Gracie here.  I don't care if I get in trouble for writing in  the nag's mom's blog today.  I've been overhearing some stuff.  I may have to see the nag mom in judge judy's court.

overheard conversation:  
mom:  I'm almost done the book.  I'm afraid it's going to need one more edit before going to print.
dad:  that's okay.  let's get it out there.
mom:  I'm going to get Angie to edit it this time.  She'll do a great job. (this is the sister of mom who teaches school and scares me when she comes to visit.  ugh.)
dad:  when will it be done?
mom:  beginning of June for edit.  beginning of July for publishing.

Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal, had this conversation not been entirely about ...  well...  partly about ...  my own personal diary which no one person should be reading but ME!  

Now, you'll hear mom say..  'oh Gracie relax.  it's not all about you.'  

I beg to differ woman!  Then why be it called,  ahemmm...  Gracie's Diary?  Woman- you publish that book and you going down!

She thinks I'm kidding.  I know for a fact that judge judy likes those who keep their mouths shut.  I talk in my diary.  The nag mom...  huh.  well, let's just say jj will have a field day with that one.