Friday, June 8, 2012

She's Gone

Remember my post from a few weeks ago, when Gary was reunited with his estranged daughter after one of the worst cases of parental alienation kept them apart for 6 years?

You might remember that 19 year old Athena was spending the summer with us?

Well...  let's see.  
She missed a lot in the past 6 years so there was 
some catching up to do.

The first week went well, 
and she met new family members.

I believe Rissi felt she knew Athena already from all of the old videos and pictures Pop-pop showed her.

They really hit it off.  

And father and daughter began to get to know 
one another again...  

But the past 6 years and the damage that was done somehow found it's way to the surface...  and we were forced to face some demons that had not yet been dealt with.

Then a change took place.  First she bleached her hair out.  Then she colored it bright pink.  The next morning she left a note... and she was gone.

She seemed to be in constant contact with her mom...  so I'm assuming that's where she went...  back home.  

Gary was devastated.  
He had anticipated an entire summer of making up
 for lost time.

And watching their garden grow...