Friday, February 10, 2012

Pip's blog and Q & A

I got these questions from Pip's blog...
  I so much enjoyed reading about him and his assistant that I thought I'd consider myself tagged and go with it... 
I love Pip!  He's a lil' darling!
Okay.  Here goes.
1. Describe yourself in seven words?
Gracie:  Mistreated. abused. unloved. starved. disrespected.playful. sleepy.

The Mom:  Thankful. Clumsy. Unorganized. Confused. Sad. Happy. Amused.

2. What keeps you up at night?
Gracie:  Mom's feet

The Mom:  Thinking about what I could have done differently, dry eyes, and indigestion.
3.  Who would you like to be?
Gracie:  One of those dogs that get a walk every single night.
The Mom:  A me that wears a size 6
4. What are you wearing right now?
Gracie:  Just my white coat, silly.
The Mom:  Green sweater, black sweat pants, white slippers.

5. What scares me?
Gracie:  When the pantry doors are left open and I walk gently over and take a peek to see what's in there and mom says, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING GRACIE?"  It scares the bajeebies out of me!!

The Mom:  hospitals, doctors, blood, medication, heights, deep water, sickness for me, my family, or my friends. 

6. The best and worst of blogging?
Gracie:  I love to look at photos of my love, Samson.  He's beautiful!
The worse~When mom shares my secret thoughts aka diary.
The Mom:  The best - all the wonderful friends - the diverse lifestyles.  I think people are so interesting.  The worse - that my hands have severe arthritis in them and typing sometimes becomes hard...  and also when someone just disappears :-(

7. The last website I visited?
Gracie:  Three Dog Bakery.  I am so hungry now.
The Mom:  1,000 ways to Die on wikipedia...  researching fact or fiction?  There's no way some of these deaths can be fact.
8. What is the one thing I would change about myself?
Gracie:  I would have bit the vet that tried to fix me.  How can they call being barren FIXED?
The Mom:  Thinking things through more before speaking or acting on... 

9. Slankets yes or no? 
Gracie:  Thinking not.  I have 1,562 blankets. I do not need a Slanket.  What's a slanket, anyway?
The Mom:  Uh uh.
10. Tell us something about the person that tagged you.
Gracie:  Let's just say it was Pip who tagged us.  haha.  Love that Pipster.  He's little and cute and really funny!
Mom:  Okay.  We'll say it's Pip.  He is a cutie pie!!
Anyone who wants to be tagged, feel free.  
I'd love to know about about you!!!  
Hope you're all having a terrific weekend so far!