Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cabin Fever

When I came out of work tonight I realized something wonderful.  It was 6 PM and still light out.  Yes!

I can remember when the days started getting shorter...  and then when we 'fell backwards' with the time.  It was pitch dark when I'd leave work at 6 PM.  I'd go home, put on my jammies and wait for bedtime.  I'm not a fan of late fall/winter.  Not at all.

Above you can see the doors I go in every morning, and come out of every evening.  Inside = no windows.  

Fuzzy picture of Gracie above with her best buddy Gumby.  She made me LOL earlier.  She was sulking, and Gary said to her "Gracie, do you want to go for a walk?"  Well, she came to life like magic, and I thought her head was going to pop off PLUS her eyes were as big and bright as saucers ...   When she found out he was just playing with her, she plopped her head back down *SIGH*!  

I'm pretty sure she has cabin fever.

And today's post was brought to you
 by Tommy, my Grand-kitty. 

 Is he adorable... or what?!