Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Quite Nervous

I've been given this award from the very sweet Mariam @

I hope I do this right.  

First of all, thank you Mariam for this award, for your friendship, and for an awesome and fun blog!!

Now, I'm supposed to tell you seven facts about me, then pass this on to five peeps.  I can do the seven facts thingy...  but honestly I'm having a problem picking out five people...  there are just so many wonderful blogs.  

Fact #1   I love chocolate cake and I can eat an entire cake in 24 hours.  Really.

Fact. #2  I have some fears that make no sense at all.  Airplanes. Elevators. Tall buildings. 

Fact #3  I am divorced after being married almost 20 years, and a few years later met my current hubby Gary online.  

Fact #4  I love lilacs.

Fact #5  I have three grown children, two grandchildren and of course...  Gracie.

Fact #6  I'm getting quite nervous about my upcoming surgery on Friday and the more I read about those who have had this surgery... the more nervous I get.  ICK.

Fact #7  I have written the Holy Bible out in long-hand a total of 2 times... every word... in an attempt to better understand The Word of God.  

There you have it.  Now,  how much did you already know about me?