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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Sparkly, Pretty Dress

Spring is just around the corner.  Gary sent me tulips, but they arrived a day late.  
"The flowers are on us," 
said the customer service rep at Pro Flowers. 
 That was very nice.  

Today the sun was shining.  I can't believe I left this beautiful day pass me by without getting a picture.  
But I was busy spoiling my granddaughter after a long overdue sleepover.  
And she had a number of requests.

"Show me attitude..."  I said.  So she did.

"Grammy, do you have sparkly nail 
polish for my nails?"  

"Oh, I think I can find some."

"And Grammy...  do you have a sparkly, pretty dress I can wear?"  

"Let's check..." I said.  And sure enough, I found one.

"Am I beautiful Grammy?" 

"You are very beautiful, Rissie."

"Can I have a kiss, Gracie?"

"And Grammy, can I have one of you're
 beautiful pink flowers?"

Me? Say no??  Not on your life!

This day would have been bright even
 without the sun shining.

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