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Thursday, January 23, 2020


My mornings go something like this.  Wake up.  Make the bed.  Drink water.  Exchange a brief 'how did you sleep?' with GP (hubby), Get coffee.  Alone time w/journals, Bible, and God. Shower.  Much needed make-up.  Breakfast. Work.

My mornings go something like this.  Wake up.  Go back to sleep.  Wake up again.  Go out to pee.  Eat treats dad leaves for me on the floor.  Go back to sleep.  Wake up.  Go outside to spy on rabbits and or squirrels.  Inside, and back to sleep.  Wake up.  Outside again, this time #2 potty... here... and there... and everywhere.  Back inside for a quick nap before fortune cookie time.  Follow Mom to the office for my cookie.  Wait!  No one said anything about a photo shoot!!  Down I go.  Through the garage.  Through the laundry room.  Into the kitchen.  Past the dining room.  Back to the couch in the living room where I take another nap.  Life is ruff. ~ Gracie

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