Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just One Of Those 12.12.12 Days

I guess it's only right that I take the time to post something.  

After all, it will never be 12.12.12 again.

What to talk about...

How about my Printer?

On 11.1.12 my HP bit the dust so I purchased a new printer from Staples right up the road from where we live.  It was a piece of junk!  A $160 piece of junk.  I tried to live with it...  but yesterday when it ate the cards I was working on..  Well, that was the last straw.   The window of 'return' was over so I could not get a refund.  I bought an Epson on Amazon for $69.  A much nicer printer, in my opinion.  But I'm still trying to connect my Mac to it... and can't.

I am in Printer frustration Mode right now!  BTW>  If you were unlucky enough to get a card from Gracie, it was because it was printed before the Brother ate the rest of the cards I was printing out.  Grrrrrrrrr.....

Today I got a whole lot of nothing accomplished.

Dear Diary,

Let me re-enact tonight's 'scene'.  

Mom walks in from what she calls work... only I know she's just over in the other side of the house probably watching soap operas and eating chicken.  Hmmph.  Anyway..   Not to get sidetracked.  Here we go:  
Mom:  Gracie, do you need to go out?
Me:  Yes!  Gosh I've had to go all afternoon.  I didn't think you'd ever get off your lazy   take a break from your hard work at the office to come over and let me out.
(This is where it gets good. The Nag Mom slips the harness around my neck then robotically opens the front door, ties me to the rope and sets me f-r-e-e baby!  JUST IN TIME!!  Grrrr RuffffffRUFFFruffRUFFGRRRRRR.  I ran as fast as I could and lunged at the annoying woman with her annoying german shepherd dog (both who I hate with a passion would love so much  to be friends with and MOM starts reeling me in... pulling on the rope...  spewing words like 'Gracie, come on!' 'You're breaking my hands' and her famous line 'What is your problem Gracie!!'  BUT to the intruder of my space she says'oh, I'm sorry...  I didn't see  you coming." Then she pulled me inside and took me out back.  AFTER the intruders were gone, I heard her telling Dad that every single time she lets me out that German Shepherd is right in that same spot and I make the exact same scene. If that's the case, then why doesn't she be just a little more observant and take note before setting me free.  She just has to make a big deal out of everything.  Geesh. Gracie.

C'mon dad.  Just one more bite.  I promise
I'll never intimidate another dog again.