Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Weekend With Marley's Dad

So what does this Christmas stone 
have to do with John Grogan ? 

Christmas '05 

 I'm guessing Hubby was clueless as to what to get me that year. 
 With this gift... how could he go wrong? 

 I was pretty excited about being able to 
'create a weekend' of my very own.  
So I tucked it safely in my lingerie drawer waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The gift was just what it said it was.  
A weekend anywhere, doing anything. 

No limits.  

What would you choose?

Early in 2006 I began paging though one of Waldenbook's best sellers 'Marley and Me'. 

The book went home with me... 

Through laughter and tears I felt everything the author must have felt, especially with Gracie having just turned a year old and the  puppy horror still fresh in my mind.  

Though the book was sprinkled with the funny antics of the author's dog Marley, there was a deeper and more meaningful message that I took away from the book.  For me it was about relationships, hurts, loving, and letting go. 

 I could relate.

 I didn't even have to think about it.  I was in the 'There's no greater book ever written (not counting the Holy Bible of course) than Marley and Me mode'.  

And so several months later I cashed in my weekend stone and we packed our bags and reserved a room at the Hilton on Airport Road in Allentown Pa.  

Emmaus was not only John Grogan's hometown, but my hubby's mom resided there as well... so I had every right to be near the infamous author without being labeled 'stalker'. 

 His book signing wasn't there, but in another town about an hour away at a Walmart. 

I was second in line.  

My inspiration for 'Gracie's Diary, A Memoir'