Tuesday, October 4, 2011

other plans

I have to admit that the best time of my life was when my kids were little and getting on my last nerve.     

Summers were perfect then.

  kix for breakfast.  

winnie the pooh on tv.

  off to the sandbox for the day.  

chocolate ice cream dripping from dirty faces. 

children laughing outside of the window. 

skinned knees and sunburned faces.  

playing hide and seek long after dark. 

the cat in the hat and nighttime prayers.

the quiet moments just after the last giggle was heard.

knowing that morning would bring more of the same.

Fall meant goblins and fairy princesses sharing bags of candy.

jumping in crisp cold leaves piled high.


Winter days brought hefty snowmen with eyes made of coal and a fresh carrot nose.

hot chocolate with marshmallow.

baking cookies.

christmas plays and waiting for santa.

Spring was a time to look forward to all of the above.

i swear, i thought they'd stay young forever.  but they had other plans.