Friday, May 15, 2020


So there we were.  At home.  It is not safe to be out in public, said the exports.  What to do, what to do.  I tried to generate some online love from the grands.

The older kids were absorbed in other things, I suppose.  I got nearly a grunt from them, but Summer on the other hand...   She was always there to remind me - she was still with me in heart, tho separated by space.

Gracie decided things weren't bad enough, so she took sick.  Very sick.  I wondered, is this her time?  I was extremely anxious and sad.  I was in robot-mode as I tried hard to bury any feelings I had and we visited multiple vet hospitals via curbside service, masks in place, social distancing practiced, and lots of cash spent to fix my girl, while feeling helpless and hopeless.

Life had changed dramatically overnight.  It would hurt for a long time and freedom as we knew it may never be again.  Fortunately and thankfully, Gracie, after many weeks of meds that seemed to make her even worse, showed signs of improvement.

Getting her outdoors proved to be the best medicine she could ever have.

God kept reminding me of His presence in the beauty that surrounded me.

"I am still here.  I have never left," He whispered.

I searched for signs of beauty amidst the chaos, uncertainty, bitter cold and spring snow-squalls.

 And wondered, what the significance was - for this creature to show up on our doorstep and refuse to leave.  I'm pretty sure I covered his presence in another post....

 I cannot say the stay-at-home days were (are) bad.  Quite the contrary.  Time is on my side.   I have time to read, write, clean house, watch television, and the best part:  Every single one of my favorite churches and pastors have been doing online services.  So much to do - and so much time to do it.


That thing we often long for.

Thank You God for the wonderful blessings of family near and far who have kept and are keeping in touch.

And for Your reminder,  God.

"I am still here."

My curbside business  leaves me wondering,  are we being ushered into a new normal?

Monday, May 4, 2020


Whatever shall I do with May?  How about a Recap of the Corona Chaos from the last couple of months?

Here I am today.  Fifty days In.
It all started about the middle of March.  Rumor had it, the Chinese were torturing killing  selling fresh meat at a wet market in Wuhan, China and a bat (WHAT?  THE CHINESE EAT BATS?  That explains the chicken meat that was questionable chicken meat at the last Chinese restaurant I went to) spewed out a virus onto a worker there.  Can't blame the poor thing.  It didn't want to be put into the boiling pot now, did it?

The above could be rumor.  As could be that the virus was developed in a lab for our pleasure demise.  Strictly opinion, as far as I know.  I don't believe the facts are out yet.  Who would do such a thing!

Media showed a bat cave with hundreds of the rodent-like creatures flitting around and being caught and captured by scientists and tortured researched for different virus's... at least that was my understanding of what I was seeing.

Going viral, was horrifying video's of Chinese cracking into - and enjoying turtles, chewing on live octopus, talk of eating dogs, and many other stomach-lurching dining habits.  Ick.

Ok, let's get past that.

Anyway, it was not rumor but fact...  a virus was sweeping across the globe and there would be a pandemic of epic proportion.

I have a dream journal that I visit every now and again, and I was taken aback by this post of November 19, 2019.


This concludes Episode 1 of Covid Recap.  Stay tuned