Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Things That Go Bump In The Night...

or rather things that smell awesome in the night.  or the middle of the night, say...  one, two o'clock.    Night life is the best life.  And when the irritating one hollers out the door into the black of night, "Gracie it's time to come in now!" I just jump up from the cool grass and do a couple laps around the pool.  

Defiant?  Don't know what it means but this is what I am these days...  according to the irritating one (you know who!)

She says, "No Gracie!  No bed at 6 PM or you won't sleep tonight!"

I beg.  I plead.  I give her my 'I don't understand' look.

And then.  I must insist.  Listen, woman!  I'm tired.  Give me access to the bedroom NOW!

And finally she caves.  But not without a lecture.  

You better not get me up at 2 AM or I will never let you go to bed early again!  I feel like I have a newborn baby.  A new puppy.  Just starting out.  You have your days and nights mixed up.  Yada Yada Yada.  

I can't hear you woman...

I'm way too busy resting....

Having sweet dreams...  and wondering...  was it a dream or did I actually witness my entire family turn into creatures from another planet?  I must quit eating oreo middles before bed.  Gracie.