Friday, July 9, 2010

Excuse me. But is this a yard sale?!

It's those yard sales that you just 'happen on' while you're like...  walking the dog that are the best.  

Let's call it a pre-yard sale since they were setting it up for the next day.

Brand new sheets still in the package.  Only 25 cents.  
Matching draperies 
84' X 84'.  Only 25 cents each.

Even Gracie's impressed! 

The mirror needs cleaned up.  But at three bucks...  hey...  bring on the Windex.  
 This basket was only a dollar and perfect for Gracie's toys.

Only a dollar for this Winter Carnival?! 
 Okay.  So the ice skaters that skate on the pond are missing.  But when you put batteries in this the fiber optic parts light up and the carnival rides move and it is oh-so-beautiful!  
Oh - the snowman was a dollar as well and it lights up, dances and sings. 

It's adorable.

Yes, Gracie. 
 It was because of you that 
I found these fantastic bargains.  

Oh, I forgot to mention the Brand-New still-in-the-box waterless Rainbow cookware.  

Twenty dollars.  

I remember seeing this cookware demonstrated at fairs and festivals and saying...  'I could never afford that!'  Huh! 

Never thought walking the dog could be so productive.