Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A Conversation With The Dog

Gracie is getting old.  

As are you.  But wait.  No, I'm not.

Well then, why are you confused when I call you?  You look around like my voice is coming from the other direction.

That's my way of ignoring you.

And you bump into things when you walk...  because..... ???

You keep putting stuff in my way.

Okay then, why won't you sleep in the bed with us anymore?

Dad snores.

It didn't bother you before.

You snore too.

And you are up and down and in and out of the house all night.  You can't seem to rest well.

Duh.  There's some boy pee out there on the other side of the fence, and I can never get enough of the scent.

Whatever.  *clears throat* Back to my blog post.  She will be 17 in September.

A girl never likes to tell her age and there you go broadcasting it all over social media.  I am appalled.

Will you let me finish my post?

Sure.  Carry on.

So when she is no longer with me...  I will be closing this blog.

What!  Where do ya think I'll be going?  What about the memory I'll leave behind?  My legacy?  You are pushing my buttons today woman!

Gracie, go take your nap.

I believe I will.

Anyway.  I've started a new blog, one on Wix, that is affiliated with my author page, which I created since I am now retired and plan on writing for as long as the Lord will enable me to do so.  I'm working on it right now, but I will leave a link here before I leave completely - so those who wish to find me there will be able to find me.   All two of you.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!    

I will stay here for as long as Gracie stays with me.  I cannot imagine my life without her - but reality is that she is getting up there in years and showing signs...  I pray every day that she will never suffer...  and that we get many more years with her (healthy years) but we do not know what tomorrow brings.

Glad she's napping, or she'd have a lot of sass for my above statements.  Wait, do I see one eye opened...