Monday, December 29, 2014


so i just moved all of my photo's over from my computer (iphoto) to a passport. ready to begin 2015 and add new photos.  i vow not to take as many photos in 2015.  i take way too many photos.  my computer gets cluttered just like my house gets cluttered from too much stuff.  i will have a yard sale come spring to get rid of a lot of stuff.  my christmas village this year was too cluttered.  getting rid of some of the village houses in my yard sale.  other christmas stuff too.  clutter be gone.  and food.  my goodness.  my cupboards are always so jammed with this that and the other.  too much clutter in my cupboards.  closet.  talk about clutter.  another round of throw away what you don't wear would help.  lets call 2015 clutter be gone.  but first new years eve at rocky gap with dinner buffet a dance an overnight stay fireworks at midnight  some casino fun and breakfast buffet in the a m.  then meet up with 2015 the year of de clutter.  this post is pretty cluttered right.  well now you get my point.  does clutter tend to clutter your mind sometime.  if so.  declutter.  thats all.

Dear Diary,
Ummm  Mom just threw away my sick squirilly friend, the one who's sqeaker I chewed up.  She then proceeded to pick out several other toys that belonged to me and toss them in the garbage.  What has gotten into her????  Has she gone mad?????  She had no right!!!!!  And so, I am looking to get revenge.  Some pee on the floor?  Maybe a chewed up piece of mail?  Hmmmm...  I will have to think this through. I would like to get her attention but without getting into too much trouble.