Wednesday, August 8, 2018


For a season, I neglected blogging and began facebooking more instead.

Facebook is okay, but it does not compare to the satisfaction I get from blogging.  Facebook is sometimes a battle zone for political views and oftentimes if you share a photo or meme that you thought was awesome, someone will burst your bubble and say it was proven fake.  so then you're like.  oh.  oops.  sorry.  and you become reluctant to share cool photos or events or whatever.  You are constantly under a microscope - or so it sometimes seems.


Blogging is different.  You share your life, your feelings and sometimes even your opinions and rarely are you bombarded with negative responses.  At times, it happens though...  but I have learned to keep quiet and not fight the battle of rights and wrongs.  The battle belongs to the Lord - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I try not to make negative comments on any blogs that I do not agree with.  We can find something positive in most things so it is my intention to do so or like Mom always said, "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all."

I have grown to care about my blogger friends because I have seen your hearts through words written and pictures posted.  My heart breaks to find that one has died be it human or furry-four-legged 'human'.  And when one disappears from blog-land I eventually try to find them... often times hitting a dead end.  And it makes me feel kind of sad...

Gracie turns fourteen next month!  14!  Four-teen!

No matter what way you say it, In dog years - it is old.

I hate pessimism but it sometimes gets the best of me when I see her labored breathing after a walk or her inability to play like she used to.  I try to imagine my life without her and all I can see is pain.
But she's still good, and we still go for walks, and she still likes her corn on the cob and belly rubs and she still likes to play keep away and tug of war.  

Some mornings her treats lay untouched on the living room floor and I think...  is she losing interest in life?  But then, they disappear and she is begging for a walk once again.

Ready to live.