Monday, September 15, 2014

If Only We Could Purchase Time...

It has become very difficult to stay true to blogging lately.  I love to blog and visit those I've come to know and love.  But life has got in the way.  Facebook is easy and not nearly as time consuming, so I have been keeping up with that... kind of.  If you happen to have a FB page, please friend me!  

This is what we've been up to:

With Gary being retired, I am running the office on my own.  I do my own paperwork, marketing, testing, sales, service and answering the phone and scheduling.  I'm loving it, but suddenly, the office has become extremely busy.  It's a good thing...  I feel blessed to have such a productive business and to be helping people to hear better.  

The grandkids>   Jake is in soccer now and Rissi starts dance tomorrow.  Then there are sleepovers every now and again... though I haven't even had much time for them lately.

Gracie keeps me busy, of course.  She's my baby.

Gary and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was low key.  Church and then a small town festival with happy music, greasy food, and peanut butter fudge.

Gary has been having some health problems and goes in for a cardiac catheterization on Wednesday.  If you would remember, please say a prayer that he will not need to have bypass surgery.  

Grass is dying and the air is crisp.  Fall is tapping at the door. It seems we opened our pool just yesterday and its time to close it already.  Months have swiftly come and gone leaving me bewildered.  Honestly.  Its crazy how time flies as you get older.  

Our living room has been tore up in, like, forever while we await our new wall to wall carpeting.  Seems the installers are pretty backed up.  Everything is on hold till then.  It will be good to live a normal life again, if that ever happens.  Gary was in the middle of doing what he has to do to hang our big screen TV over the fireplace when his EKG and nuclear stress test came back negative.  So until we know the results of the catheterization on Wednesday we are in limbo on that AND our anniversary 'getaway' at the end of this month.  We take one day at a time.  

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