Thursday, September 26, 2019

Still Cannot Comment!!

Gracie had a nice birthday.  A neighborhood walk was in order (she can only do half-a-mile now but tries to convince us to do the full mile).  Even with the half-walk, she could hardly carry herself to the bedroom later that night.

Fall is in the air and my girl Gracie and I are loving it!  

There's so much beauty to behold this time of year, and the temperatures are so much more tolerable.

Gracie got a small ice cream treat after her walk and we chilled on the front patio for a while so she could enjoy the side of the house with traffic and activity that she doesn't usually get in the back.  She was delighted!

She was done by days end and I almost had to carry her into bed!   
But according to her, it was worth it!


I am still not able to comment on most blogs and I have tried everything!  It's so frustrating.  I spent hours the other day commenting on different blogs, thinking I had it fixed but - nope - no fix.  I am not on my laptop much, but I think I can comment if I am on there.  So if you don't hear from me, it's not for lack of trying..    Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


When I got here, Mom laid down the rules.  No jumping on the furniture, and especially not the bed.  I'll admit, I played her like a fiddle and before ya knew it I was sleeping in the middle between her and dad.  

I was a Christmas present for Mom.  I've never heard anyone complain so much about a gift before in all my life.  It poops on the floor, she said.  It wakes me in the middle of the night, she said.  It pees on the rug, she said.  The list went on and on.

I had to keep sharp on my charming ways because some of my lesser, 
more disgusting habits were getting in the way of my peace there.

So when she insisted on ridiculous photo shoots,  I concurred.

I  grew out of my bad habits and Mom and Dad couldn't have loved me more! They actually made me CEO of the house/family and that is where I stand today.

And it's a good thing...  cause I count on them to lift me onto the furniture, and into bed at night.  I love my Mom and Dad and I'm pretty sure they love me too.



Thursday, September 19, 2019

In Love

Last week at this time we were on our way to Amish country.  We stayed at a VRBO this time and it was wonderful!

  Not only was the place perfect in every way, the location was great too.  We were tucked away within walking distance from the Berlin Pet Shoppe, where I fell in love.

I was reluctant to visit here this year, after hearing all the horror stories about Ohio's Amish puppy mills and I actually had myself believing these pups were abused and mistreated.  The first day while all the other pups were frolicking and being cute, I couldn't get the sad, sick, pathetic one off of my mind.  He was lying there licking his leg and stomach in excess.  Licking, licking, licking.  I knew there was something terribly wrong and so I left the place feeling sad.

The next day I had made up my mind!  I'd go back in and demand to see someone and insist that the pup gets medical care.  So I went in and straight back to the puppy section.  This time there were three pups playing within a large penned in area and lots of interaction with patrons and I was sure that one of them 'was' the sick one from the day before, (I counted) only he did not appear sick at all.  Immediately, I felt better, until Gary pointed out a pup that was still in her pen and sleeping, not moving at all.  My happy turned to sad.  So I marched up to the desk and began my accusation with a question, "Is that puppy in the back sick?"  She referred me to Roy who was in charge of the group - so back I went to find Roy.  I asked the same question, pointing to the corner, "Is the puppy over there sick?"

"He's just sleeping," Roy said.  "Resting."

I followed Roy over to the pen and he collected the pup and placed it into my arms.  'Sick pup' came to life, licking my face and playing happily with me.  Little sweetheart was not sick at all, she had been resting, indeed.

Later that night I did some research.  I wanted to find out more about this place and how it was run.  Reviews were many, and excellent, some stating that these pups did not come from puppy mills but rather local breeders who loved their animals and treated them with the utmost respect.

Then I thought about the happy, frolicking puppies in the shoppe.  The cleanliness of the place and the way they had it set up so open and friendly and kind.  Roy was there, overseeing and making sure all animals were treated nicely.  The place was packed with people loving on these pets.  They all seemed happy and well taken care of.

My point is, power of suggestion is a powerful thing.  We can believe one thing or another just from 'hearing' something positive or negative.  Proof is in fact, and now as I look back, the facts are that this place carries healthy, happy pups in a super clean and open, friendly environment.

But what about the breeders and how are the mom's and dad's of these babies treated?

Well, according to the many, many reviews the dogs check out in excellent health - so - wouldn't that count for something?  And many insist that the dogs come from loving homes and caring breeders.  Not puppy mills!!  I hope and believe this to be true.

It was a happy place, The Berlin Pet Shoppe, and though I went in with a chip on my shoulder, I left  the next day in love.  I'm sure they'll all have good homes in no time at all, oh - the love that was being showed to those pups!!

It was easy leaving there, knowing that these dogs would find happy homes, but visiting an animal shelter is really hard for me.  If I'd ever choose to adopt, I'd feel so sad for those I did not choose...  because let's face it, they are the ones who really need someone.  Maybe the shelters should call themselves shoppes and slap a price tag on the rescues.  Maybe then, people would want them.  More and more people are getting rescues these days...  and that is a good thing!

Gracie has her own thoughts on puppies with their carefree, obnoxious ways.  Settle down, Gracie.  We came home to you, didn't we?

Monday, September 16, 2019

Dementia, Maybe?

We're not in the market for a new house.  Not now, anyway.  But on our recent trip to Amish country in Berlin, Ohio we were sure tempted.

I mean, who wouldn't want to live in this beauty?

And two levels of living space!  What more could one ask for?

So, while Gary was measuring square footage in the mansion, I decided to try on the love cottage for size.  Perfect fit!

We did not come home with a new house, but it sure was fun searching.  

So where was Gracie while all this fun was taking place?  She was staying with daughter, Lindsey and had a great time bonding with Ellie (lab/doxie mix).  We were excited to come home to her and thought she'd be just as happy.  But strangely, she looked at us upon our return, as though she did not know who we were.  About a minute later, she became ecstatic as if she were seeing us for the first time.  This gives me pause, and has me wondering if she isn't experiencing some form of dementia...    She has been acting different lately, at times she seems confused about what her normal routine is?  And she absolutely cannot be left alone for long, she experiences severe separation anxiety!  Some nights we wake to find her lying on the rug on the bathroom floor, a place she always considered off limits since it was associated with bath time.  

Our old girl isn't what she used to be.  Her knee will have her limping some days, and other days she runs through the house like she's a puppy again!  More often than not she is lifted into bed or onto the couch.  She can still make the jump on a good day, but looks to us for help if we are there.  

Gracie will turn 15 next week.  We try to keep her as active as possible.  This hot weather gets the best of her and me both.  Tomorrow she will be groomed and she always feels better after a good spa day, so I'm hoping our puppy returns.  

By the way, I am still  unable to comment on many blogs.  I have tried and tried to fix the problem but with no luck.  I'm not on my laptop very often, but there are times when my laptop does allow me to comment.  I've read that others have the same problem, but no resolve.  So please forgive me if I don't comment.  I do read and love updates on my blogger friends!!  

Hope everyone is having a great last week of summer.