Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayer for Sis

My sister Lindy is one of those people who speak what they think and you can like it or not...  but you never have to wonder what's on her mind.  She's 8 years older than me and she was married at 15 and had 2 kids by the time she was 20.  Another came shortly after.  

As a child, I'd visit my married teenage sister and I can remember her making chocolate chip cookies and she'd make a huge one just for me.  

When I became an adult and married, I moved into the little green house right beside of hers.  We were neighbors for a very long time.  She introduced each one of my babies to their very first Oreo cookie...  and as they grew up, when she'd see them outside she'd rush out of her house with the cookie bag in her hand to treat them. 

 She visited me almost every day, giving me an adult to converse with amidst the crying babies and dirty diapers.  She was always giving - but on her terms.  I knew never to take advantage of her generosity or she'd let me know!  

We'd ponder over Days of our Lives and Friday's cliffhanger, and talk about what we thought would happen come Monday.   Our long talks would lead us to believe that we'd solved all the worlds problems at the end of the day, and that we were the only ones who had any common sense at all.  It was too bad everyone couldn't be like us! lol 

 Christmas lights would go up early and instead of being hung on the road-side of her big white farmhouse, the side facing our house would be brilliant and complete with Santa and his reindeer and tons of multicolored lights.  All this so my kids could see them when they looked out the window.  

The years have passed, and when I got divorced I moved and I'm no longer her neighbor.  Memories of quiet country summer evenings on the back porch swing watching the brilliant white stars dance around in the black night sky and laughing at each others jokes - are over.  Thanksgiving Day comes and goes now without one of us at the others house begging the poultry seasoning.   The Christmas Decorations have been sold at yard sales and our daily conversations with coffee and cake have become weekly phone chats with the subject being mostly aches and pains.  

Time stands still for none of us, no matter how 
unique we feel we might be.

 She doesn't like her picture taken, and would cringe if she knew it were on the Internet.  So I honor that request begrudgingly.  She wants her rotary dial phone back and wouldn't think of carrying around a cell phone.  When I tell her about my blog, she shakes her head.  She doesn't understand Facebook or Twitter and doesn't want to.

Lindy is a brittle diabetic with a lot of other health problems as well.  On the forth of July, something happened to her eyesight and now she can only see partial in each eye.  Thinking it was from her diabetes, she was sent to Morgantown for a surgery.  But yesterday she was told that it wasn't from her diabetes, but that she had had a stroke.  They wanted to keep her and run tests, but she refused to stay.  She said she gets homesick, but hopefully she will go back for the testing like she should.  

It must be horrible to lose your eyesight.  I can't imagine what it would be like to hear the sweet voice of my granddaughter and not be able to look into those big blue eyes.  

If you think about it..  please say a prayer for my sis.