Monday, February 19, 2018

They Were Good

It was a big deal, Fire Prevention Week at our school.  Good ol' Eckhart Elementary.  My memories of first grade included: 

* sitting in a semi-circle in the front of the room and listening to Miss Evans read to us at story time.

* lunch time and the sweet smell of the soap dispenser as we lined up in the cloak room where the sink was to wash our hands.  Then, getting my packed lunch from back there and taking it to my desk and waiting for the teacher to tell us to line up.  My stomach would be growling angrily at me by then!

* Holiday plays in the school cafeteria/auditorium.

* Riding that big yellow bus.

* Fire prevention week where one kid from each class would win $2.50 if he or she were chosen to have colored the best picture for the contest.  I was excited to be a winner for 3 of the 6 years of my elementary school days there.   I wish I could remember what I did with that money so many years ago at age six.  I would hope that I didn't run to the candy store with it...  but...  I really do not remember.  It was a lot of loot at the time!  Especially for a poor Walton Thomas kid such as myself.

They were indeed good ol' days!  Just the owning of innocence in itself made them good.  Indeed!

  First grade, first in line to get my award and my envelope with $2.50.