Monday, June 29, 2015

Can't Make Lemonade Without the Lemons

Lemons:  Last week we installed Norton Anti-virus on my two work computers.  They both crashed!

One was saved, the other...  not so much.

Lemonade:  And so, I ordered a new 27 inch IMac to replace the one that Norton killed.  I am pretty excited!  Also, my files were able to be saved.

Wouldn't you know it though.  I had just paid off my last credit card and I was debt-free and that felt oh-so-good!  Every charge card was paid off including all business debt.  I guess you could say it's been a pretty good year at All About Hearing.

Lemons:  Some guy decided he wanted to return his hearing aids today because he could not afford them.  I wonder why he even bought them in the first place?  But even though his 30-day trial period was over I decided to refund him anyway.  I believe its good for business to keep everyone as happy as possible.

Lemonade:  I made a sale today and was able to give the customer a phenomenal price thanks to Siemens.   Our Siemens rep sent an email stating that our second to the top of the line hearing aids have been discounted almost 48% to us.  This peeked my interest since July is our anniversary month and we do a booming business with sales, discounts and low prices to celebrate.  This year, we go into our 5th big year!   Then, since I was already warming the Chase Ink business card up with my computer purchase, I bought three sets of stock aids at the sale price to have in the office for July's celebration!   I am confident July will end with all  hearing aids sold!  And this purchase puts me in great standing with Siemens which will give me even lower prices going forward, and more perks.

One of my fun promotions for July:  Get ready to Spin the Wheel for even More Savings at ALL ABOUT HEARING!

It has been a roller coaster of a ride this week but it's all good.

Gracie's Turn:

Lemons:  I'm hot.  I'm dirty.  I stink.  I have boogies in my eyes.  I can't stand myself.  I got a bath.  I now smell like flowers.  

Lemonade:  I got to ride in the Buick today.  My fur is cut short and I feel cool, like a pup again. Mom keeps hugging me saying I smell marvelous.  I feel so much better.