Friday, February 3, 2012

Hobnobbing and Bargain Bras


Below is the cabin we stayed in.  This place was sweet!!  In all of my travels, I can't remember a place more clean, cozy, and 'feel-good'!  I'll take you inside in another post...  

But for now, meet some of our new friends from
 our stay at Holly Hills Cabin...

Talk about feeling welcome!  

Even the animals were friendly!!

It was a little on the chilly side.  I'd love to go back in warmer weather when I can enjoy the outdoors more.

Today we got a package from the owner of the place.  Gary left some of his shirts in the closet and he was kind enough to send them to us.  

Just look at these cute faces.

Who could ask for better neighbors! 

Below... the view outside the kitchen window. 

 More friends...

When we weren't hobnobbing with the neighbors, we were in town looking for bargains.

Have you ever went to one of those 'bargain bin' venues where they have hundreds of boxes of 'made in china' faux brand name items.  

Like for example instead of Sharpies for $4 they 
sell Sharlies for $1.  

Or instead of Duracell batteries for $6 they 
have Ducachell for $1.  ?? 

 I will have to admit, I've fallen victim to this 
deception myself on occasion.  


Who. In. Their. Right. Mind. > 

would purchase a $2 bargain bra?


To Be Continued....