Friday, May 27, 2011

Before and After

The Shaggy Dog / The Rat Dog

Dear Diary,  

The morning of my grooming (yesterday), Mom felt as though she should have a photo shoot.  She said my cuteness was about to disappear.

She said I'd look like a Poodle after my grooming...

Or a Rat...

Me, in the car on my way to get my make-over

There I am

 I was happy to be riding in the Buick.  Every time the car made a turn onto another road, I went crazy with excitement.  Then I accidentally pushed the window button and mom freaked.  'Gracie, you'll get your head stuck in there!' she screamed.  

She worries too much.

I was just fine.  She needs to get a grip.

I laugh at her ranting mostly...

But I guess she got the last laugh.

 I do look like a rat.  Gracie.