Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Was With Great Regret That We Performed Barnabas' Funeral

Meet Jinx the Cat. Jinxy was the best! I can't remember a time when he was not purring.  Even when I had him dressed in doll clothes complete with bonnet and booties and paraded him around the neighborhood in a doll stroller - he was still purring.

Gizmo was equally as great... only in a guinea pig kinda way.  Gizzy had a squeak that came from his sharp little toes and meant different things at different times.  I always knew what he wanted.

I had a black cat named Yogi and a puppy named Boots.

 I found a bat that flew smack dab into my neighbors front porch door and was deemed brain dead by me and a few of my friends.  Refusing to give up on him, I put him in a jar and put  holes in the lid and gave him a name, Barnabas. It was with great regret that we performed Barnabas' funeral a few days later.  

There was a dog named Smokey that lived past 20 and a cat named Mama Cat.  Scooter, a german poodle, and another guinea pig named Russie who loved to bite.  Matt the rabbit and ...  oh gosh I could go on and on.  

I guess I've always loved animals.

Is it any wonder Gracie was 
the best Christmas present ever?

My Christmas Present