Sunday, June 19, 2011

Party Time?

No better way to celebrate Father's Day than to spend time with Gary's family...  

Enter - Bethlehem Pennsylvania. 

We spent time at the Downs OTB with his Uncle Victor where I won over $100 on scratch off tickets.  

Gary's daughter Stacy and her boyfriend Vinnie met us there  and then we all went out to dinner.

After lugging our bags up two flights of narrow, filthy, steps - Hotel #1 smelled bad and looked dirty.  

 Hotel #2 was passable.  

The Casino was fun, but I'm sure glad I'm not a true blue gambler.  I'd be living in the streets.  I lost the money I won on the scratch offs and then some.  

Gary's daughter Stacy is always so thoughtful and never forgets her dad on special occasions.  I'm so glad she came from Jersey to spend the day with us!

Today before heading for home, it was brunch with Gary's mom.  After good conversation and a few good laughs, we were homeward bound.  

It's good to be home, but tomorrow we're on the road again.  Fredericksburg, Va. for a business meeting.  I'm tired.

Dear Diary,

I knew it would be ugly.  The word 'vacation' along with suitcases and a lot of belly rubs and cuddling could mean only one thing.  Mom and dad were leaving me again.   Lindsey and Rissi came to spend time with me and take me out to potty. But I was still sad. They're home now... but there's talk of them leaving me again tomorrow.  I'm torn between being sorrowful and sad or throwing a big 'ol 'my parents are away party'.  Who's in? Gracie.