Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Girl Gone

Some days I try to turn off the hustle bustle of traffic up and down our road and take my mind back to a simpler place and time.

For a moment I forget about the hectic, adult obligations of the here and now ~ and I smell lilacs in full bloom in our yard just clear of the clothes line where Mom is hanging clothes on the line.

Its quiet there, in my once upon a time world.  Paying attention to detail, I notice the green grass and even the patches of dirt where grass won't grow.  My hands and arms are dirty from a full day of play.

There are no worries.  No obligations.  No deadlines.  The only drama is kids stuff, and it all washes away with our weekly bath.  (ugh!  Did I say weekly?)

The old four room house is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  There is a path out back to the outhouse when we need to go.  But we don't complain.  We make do.

I think about my life.  I've come a long way since those once-a-week baths and the outhouse path.

But somehow... somewhere along the way...  I seem to have lost the innocent little girl who thought life was all good... once upon a time.