Monday, March 20, 2017

Seven days

It started last Sunday evening with chills.  I could not get warm enough.  I went to bed feeling very much unwell and it was downhill from there.  Body aches.  Headache.  Eyes hurting.  Blah, blah, blah.  They did a culture to see if I had the flu but it showed up negative.  I think if they would have did it just one day later it would have been positive.  I have had the flu before and this was exactly how it went down.

Seven days.

The crud.  The aching.  The low grade fever.  The nasty congestion.  Sleep was my only comfort.

Seven days.

And on day eight (which is today) the body aches disappeared and I actually feel a bit human.  Still a cough.  Still dryness in my throat and some other mild symptoms...  but nothing like I have been for the past seven days.  

We had to be away for a hearing expo for two nights and three days.  I was miserable, but made it through.  Thank you God!  

Today = First day of spring.  I am delighted to type those words.  

Are you as happy for the first day of spring as I am?

Gracie was groomed today.  She looks and smells lovely.