Monday, December 27, 2021

Christmas at Our House ~ Episode 1 ~ HOLDING OUT FOR HOPE

 I said early on.  "I'm not decorating this year.  Not in the mood.  Too much negativity in the world.  There's no room for hope."  Gracie concurred.

"Decorate," said the little voice inside my head.  

"Whatever," I replied.

And so little by little I drug out the figurines, the lights, and the Christmas notables.  I reminded Gracie, "Don't get caught up in the glitz.  Jesus is the reason for the season."  

I thought I heard her say, "Oh no... here we go again."

One of my favorites is this beautiful crystal tree, a gift from one of my favorite clients in my once thriving and opened hearing aid business, All About Hearing.  It sits on a platform that changes colors and it is beautiful to behold!  

To Be Continued...