Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nice ~ Not So Nice

New things are nice.  Well, most of the time.  

Our new privacy fence and pool.... Nice!

Our new boarder Charlotte the Spider....  (as long as she understands that she will need to be at least two feet away from me at all times) ...  Nice!

Our new living room suite... Nice!

 Our new bathroom...  nice!

The new king sized bed...  Oh, so nice!

Our new neighbors...  The verdict is still out...

New flowers growing around our now-golden ear...  Nice!

The new kitchen clock that plays Amazing Grace every hour on the hour in doorbell like chimes....

Not so nice!

Each and every hour  Gracie goes out-of-her-mind-crazy and runs to the door ready to attack whoever is ringing the doorbell.  You would think after three days of this, she would get it.  She does not.