Sunday, September 23, 2018

Amish Country Vacation: The Farm at Walnut Creek Pt. 2

In part 1 you saw a paradise tucked away from the hustle bustle world that we know...  that was crawling (literally) with hundreds of beasts of the forest and fields.  Come with me now to another paradise...   as we step inside an Amish home and get a feel for how they live their daily lives.

No computer, iPhone or television set can compare to the beauty and peace that comes from this simple life.

And the smell is phenomenal!!  Fresh and clean...  and then the smell of cookies and bread baking!  Somebody pinch me!

Room number one was a gigantic kitchen where several of the sweetest Amish kids helped Mom scoop cookies from a cookie platter and place them on the table for those of us touring the home - their guests.  There were dozens upon dozens of cookies fresh out of the oven to welcome us.

We were drawn to the next room by an angelic voice singing the sweetest song...  and there I spied a little girl, her back towards me, singing and rocking her dolly in her arms as she turned the pages of a picture book.

When asked if we could take her picture, this very 'adult' 5 year old replied, "No pictures.  But feel free to take pictures of the home and everything else, just no pictures of us."  My heart melted at her sweetness.

Simple.  Sweet.  Quiet.  Peaceful. Aromatic.   These words describe my overall experience as we found our way through this beautiful home.

The family that we were seeing lives somewhere here... but the photos that you are seeing are mainly for show.

And the impression I got is that this is a typical model of how the Amish do live.

So what do the Amish do with no TV, no phones, no video games, no electricity ... ?  Well.  I would sum that up in one word.


This little guy photo-bombed us...  The reason I post it is because he has an uncanny resemblance to our grandson Jasper..  He even acted like Jasper...

"Did we tour this part of the home yet?"  Gary asked.
"I'm not sure," I said.
So he walked up the steps and said he'd check.  He went inside while I waited at the bottom of the steps for his response.  I waited.  And I waited.  And...  soon I became tired of waiting and I decided to just go ahead in.  I reached for the door to open it and it was locked!  Wait!  What's happening here?

"Anyone in there?"

Gary, playing one of his practical jokes.  Oh, he is just so funny.  Not.