Friday, October 7, 2016

Autumn Everywhere

Fresh kettle corn.  Hot homemade vegetable soup.  Freshly baked bread warm and smothered with butter and apple butter.  Apple cider and old fashioned sassafras root beer.  Maple syrup and maple sugar candy.  Roasting chestnuts and peanuts.  The sounds and smells of autumn everywhere.

It could mean only one thing.

The Annual Springs Pa. Folk Festival!

We enjoyed walking the path through the woods and past all the old and historic reenactments and points of interest from days gone by.

LIKE A MAGNET....  Summer is drawn to any and all animals.

  But then again... Look at that face.  
I'm drawn to these sweet little guys myself.  Summer giggled when it squatted to pee.

The weather was perfect...  with a light rain starting just before we exited the festival.

And then...  heavier rains.  

Heading for home...  Just in time.

Dear Diary,

I remember days...  oh so very long ago...  when mom said, "No jumping on the furniture, Gracie!"   I say this now, because I think it's cute the way she drops whatever she is doing to get down onto the floor on her hands and knees to gently lift me onto the chair or the couch or whatever I happen to want to jump onto but can't.  Seriously, she never means what she says.    Gracie.